After nearly 5 months away, we returned to the homeland.  I love traveling but was ready to spend some time in Ohio.  We completed our drive across the Midwest and arrived home just in time for Memorial Day. It was a great holiday weekend full of catching up with family, cornhole, and enjoying the fresh Ohio air.

Reunited Serafini siblings

In addition to seeing family and spending time in the greatest state in America, work was another reason to head to Ohio.  CoverMyMeds is very supportive of our nomadic lifestyle but they still would like us to come into the office occasionally.  Of the five weeks we were in Ohio, we spent 3 of the workweeks in Columbus.  I hadn’t realized I missed working in the office and I really enjoyed seeing my colleagues in person and being able to easily communicate with them.

Literally the only picture I took in Columbus

After working during the day in Columbus, we spent the evenings catching up with friends and visiting our old stomping grounds.  We continued our losing streak in volleyball and celebrated with porch drinking and late night Taco Bell.  Zach went skydiving and I played Harry Potter trivia – both equally thrilling.

Ready to jump out of a plane!

I thought my month in Ohio would be relaxing and full of free time. But between watching the Cavs almost win a championship, helping out the family firewood business and trying to catch up on my reading and running goals, it turned out to be quite busy – in a good way, of course! One of my favorite experiences was attending the Laurelive music festival with Megan.  Less than a half hour from our house, there were great bands, including some of my old favorites – like The Head and the Heart – and some of my new favorites – such as Johnnyswim.

So much sunburn

For a while, Megan and I had been talking about getting matching tattoos once she turned 18.  This was my first time back since her birthday so we wrangled my mom into coming with us and all got matching tattoos. The ‘C’ stands mostly for Cymanski but also for Cleveland – our city, Crestwood – our alma mater, and calm, confident – things we strive to be.  Or collected, creative, cool– really any positive C-word works.


Another reason we needed to come back in June was to meet Zach’s new nephew.  He was due mid-June but was late so we were worried we’d be gone before he arrived.  Luckily, he decided to make his appearance on Matt’s birthday (fitting since Becca and Robby got married on my birthday).  Zion is absolutely precious and named after one of my favorite stops on our trip! I’m sad to be missing the next few months of his life and can’t wait to see him (and everyone else) at Thanksgiving.

Baby Z!

Although I didn’t make it back for Megan’s high school graduation ceremony, we were in town for the more important event – her graduation party.  It worked out nicely that I got to see all of our family and family friends before leaving Ohio.  Lucy (our trailer) was up in Hiram for the day so we gave everyone tours of our new house.  The food was great, the rain held off for most of the party and tent only blew over before anyone arrived.  I still can’t believe my baby sister will be attending Ohio State in the fall!

The only picture of Meg and I from the party is an actual polaroid

Zach probably disagrees, but five weeks in Ohio didn’t seem like enough to me! I was sad to leave, more so than when we originally left in January.  But there’s so much of the country left to see and we have some great things planned for the coming months (check them out here)! I’m looking forward to returning home for Thanksgiving and Christmas but will spend the meantime enjoying every minute on the road.


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