The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

After leaving Key West on Sunday morning, we headed back to Siesta Key.  Zach’s parents were vacationing there but we hadn’t told them we would be stopping by, in the hopes of surprising them (and not disappointing them if our plans changed).  I suspected they might have an idea we were coming, but it was totally unexpected. We only had about 36 hours in Siesta Key before the Serafinis had to fly back to Ohio and we had to continue on, but we still had a great time swimming, playing games, eating and catching up.


The reunited Serafinis

Before we knew it, it was time to keep traveling.  On Tuesday morning, we dropped Zach’s parents off at the airport and continued on towards Louisiana.  We had an Airbnb in New Orleans starting Friday night, so our plan was to work during the day and drive during the evening.  I hadn’t been to Mississippi before so we drove quite a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday so we could spend two nights in Mississippi and make it really ‘count’ as visiting.


I take a picture at every state line – they all look this bad

This ending up being a lucky decision on our part.  We arrived in Biloxi, Mississippi late Wednesday night and a few hours later I was taking Zach to the ER with severe stomach pain.  He had experienced similar pain a few times in the past months and decided it was time to get it checked out.  It turns out, he needed an appendectomy!


Not a happy camper

While Zach spent the day waiting for surgery, I snuck out of the hospital for a short nap and a run.  Although Zach was originally lead to believe his surgery would take place in the morning, it didn’t actually happen until around 2:00.  Everything went well and it was a laparoscopic procedure which has a much faster recovery than the traditional way of doing it.   He was in quite a bit of pain afterwards, but we were both relieved that it was over and he would be able to leave the next morning.  I headed to a hotel to catch up on sleep and left Zach in the hospital to be interrupted by nurses every few hours.


Thanks Becca and Robby for the balloons!

There weren’t any doctors around to discharge him, so Zach spent most of the day in the hospital.  I worked from a Starbucks at the HardRock Cafe Casino next door.  By the time a doctor showed up around 4:00, Zach was very restless and ready to go.  We drove the hour to New Orleans, happy to leave Mississippi behind.

Playing cribbage to pass time

We figured we would run into some bumps along the way on this trip and all things considered, our first major incident wasn’t too bad.  I guess I didn’t get my appendix removed so I don’t know if I have the right to say that.  We had been planning on spending two nights in the Biloxi area, Zach got his appendix out before it ruptured, and although things were slow moving at the hospital, we were treated well.  Other than our Mardi Gras experience being a bit tamer than originally planned due to Zach’s recovery, this didn’t mess up our plans much at all.  And I think this definitely counts as visiting Mississippi!


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