When we first arrived in Charleston, I was a little skeptical about the city and couldn’t remember why we decided the spend two weeks here.  I hadn’t spent much time in the south and didn’t have a great opinion of the region.   I was looking forward to visiting the Southwest and felt like we were wasting our time in the Southeast.

It turns out I really like Charleston.  I like the ocean and marshes, I like the houses built on stilts with the steps climbing up to the porch, I like the breweries, I like the colorful, old buildings, I like the lack of traffic.  By the end of the two weeks, I was sad to leave the city.


One of the many interesting buildings in Charleston

My goal for 2017 is to run 1,000 miles so we’ve been running almost every day.  We ran on the beach, across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, around our neighborhood.  My favorite was the bridge – it’s 2.5 miles, uphill each way and both times we ran the sun was preparing to set and the sky was beautiful.  I look forward to get my remaining 925 miles in at many exciting places in the coming months.


Running on the beach


Watching the sunset under the bridge


We stayed about fifteen minutes from downtown, so we didn’t spend a lot of time in the heart of Charleston.  We did go to an improv show as part of the Charleston Comedy Festival.  It wasn’t memorable – on our walk to the car afterwards we could only recall 3 of the 10+ skits.  Downtown is full of history and well dressed people.


Selfie at the Waterfront Park

On Saturday, we traveled down to Savannah to see Katie, my friend from West Point.  I hadn’t seen Katie in four years so it was great to catch up while exploring Savannah.  We stopped in Beaufort, SC on the way back to Charleston but didn’t stay long due to heavy rain and a tornado watch.



The food and drinks in Charleston were amazing.  I don’t know if I’ve been going to the wrong places my whole life, but I’ve never consistently had food this good.  Our favorite restaurant was Jack of Cups – a dive bar in Folly Beach. It has amazing jalapeno pierogies (and I don’t even like jalapenos).  We visited Tradesman Brewery three times, each visit I was more impressed than the last.  For such a small brewery, they have a huge selection of delicious beers.

Jalapeno pierogies

Southern history is such an interesting and conflicting thing.  We stayed in a neighborhood called Secessionville Acres. Down the street was Fort Lamar, where the Confederates, outnumbered three to one, fought off the Union soldiers and ‘saved’ Charleston.  We visited Fort Sumter, where the first shots the Civil War occurred.  I have a lot of pride about where I’m from. I am proud of all of Ohio’s history, its presidents, astronauts, and inventors, its sports teams in both good times and bad.  I think being from somewhere with a more troubled history would prove difficult.


Fort Sumter National Monument

Here’s a video of our time in South Carolina.  Neither of us have any experience in videography or editing, but hopefully our skills will improve over time. The plan is to make a video about once a month.

We’re off to Florida for 3+ weeks – looking forward to the sunny weather, the national parks and seeing alligators from a safe distance.


One thought on “Charleston

  1. Thanks for sharing. We miss both of you, but are so excited for your journeys. Thanks for all the snapchats…love you both!!


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