Getting Ready

We’ve been talking about doing this trip for two years, making life decisions that allow for this trip for a year, actively planning for the past six months and now it’s actually about to start!  We’re leaving Friday, January 13th which is only 23 days away!!! And Christmas/New Years activities take up about half of those days so it’s very quickly approaching!

Our previously landlord didn’t allow subleasing and our lease is through July but just last week, our building switched management and now we can sublease! It’s great because it saves us 6 months rent but we might be moving out as soon as January 1st which is 10 days away, most of which will be spent in Northeast Ohio. We’ve been trying to get rid of our belongings – most going to Goodwill, some back to our parent’s house and a select few making the cut to take on the trip.

Other than moving out and hoping that everything we’re planning to take fits in the car, we’re mostly ready to go! We have our Airbnb/campgrounds booked through February (and a tentative plan through June).

  • Jan 14 – Congaree National Park
  • Jan 15 – 27 Charleston, SC
  • Jan 28 – 30 Orlando
  • Feb 1 – 9 Siesta Key, FL
  • Feb 10-11 Everglades National Park
  • Feb 12-16 Miami/Biscayne National Park
  • Feb 17-18 Key West/Dry Tortugas National Park
  • Feb 19-23 Driving to New Orleans (Mardi Gras)
  • Feb 24- March 3 New Orleans

From there, planning on heading to Austin (hopefully hit up SXSW), Western Texas National Parks (Big Bend, Guadelupe), Southern New Mexico, a month in Arizona, maybe Las Vegas, maybe Zion, and sometime in there flying up to Medford, OR to visit Tyler and Whitney.


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